Difference Between Apple and Samsung Explained

Right now, in the mobile phone industry, Apple and Samsung are the biggest competitors. Even though other companies are coming forward with their own designs and mobile phone models, these two companies sell the most. The Difference between Apple and Samsung is that Apple is a company made by Steve Jobs that creates iPhones while Samsung makes a lot of phones, with different series names.

The products of these companies differ in terms of speed, camera, display, chipsets used, operating system and many other features. Depending on that, some consumers like Apple while some prefer Samsung.

Apple: Founding History and Growth.

Apply is a multinational company that has its headquarters in California. The company sells computer software, online services, and electronics. It is among the top four technological companies in the world; Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The main product of the company is the popular iPhone.

The company also makes other products such as an iPod, which is a portable media player, Apple TV, and Mac laptops. Apply also makes accessories such as Home Pod speakers and Air Pods. The story of how Apple was founded is quite popular.

It was founded by Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company started in 1976 in Steve Jobs’ garage and become one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world, in a few decades. The first product sold by the company was Apple I which was basically a motherboard. Recently, in 3015, Apple released the Apple watch which can be used to track health and fitness.

Samsung: Founding History and Growth.

Samsung is a Korean company that has its headquarters in Seoul. It is the largest South Korean business conglomerate. Samsung began as a trading company in 1938, under the leadership of Lee Byung-Chui. 30 years following its foundation, the company become part of many areas including textile, electronics and food processing.

Since the 1980s, Samsung has focused on electronics and semiconductors, which are now the main source of the company’s income. According to the growth strategy given by the company, they will grow their business into biopharmaceuticals.

Samsung has over 80 companies around the world in sectors like financial services, medical services, construction, and shipbuilding. Right now, Samsung is making a lot of electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, printers, mobile phones, liquid crystal displays, AMOLED and digital televisions.

Some companies under the Samsung banner are Samsung fine chemicals, Samsung ever lands, Samsung Fire and Marine insurance and Samsung engineering.

Summary of Difference Between Apple and Samsung:

  • A major Difference between Apple and Samsung is that Apple is focused on electronics only while Samsung has 80 companies in different sectors.
  • In terms of mobile phones, Apple has somewhat better speed as compared to Samsung while Samsung has a bigger and better display.
  • In terms of battery life, Samsung is much better than Apple.
  • Another Difference between Apple and Samsung is that Apple is a newer company as compared to Samsung.
  • While Apple was founded in America, Samsung is a Korean conglomerate, with companies in different regions.

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