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Difference Between CNG and LPG

Difference Between CNG and LPG

Summary: It is extracted from petroleum and fossil fuel. Find out the key difference between cng and lpg. The most composition of LPG square measure hydrocarbons containing 3 or 4 carbon atoms. the traditional parts of LPG so, square measure (C3H8) fuel and (C4H10) gas. Whereas Compressed fossil fuel, or CNG, is fossil fuel besieged that remains clear, odorless, and non-corrosive.

Difference Between CNG and LPG



Constituents Methane
Source Produced from natural gas and condensate wells, oil wells, coal bed methane series wells.
Uses Substitute for gas in cars.
Properties It is lighter than air and thence disperses quickly within the event of spillage.


Constituents fuel and gas
Source mechanically generated from gas fields once fossil fuel is extracted from the reservoir. By-product of cracking method throughout crude-oil refinement.
Uses Heating and change of state in homes, refrigeration, industrial, agricultural, business and automobile fuel.
Properties extremely flammable. it’s heavier than air and on leak can settle to ground and accumulate in low lying areas.

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