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Difference Between eBay and Etsy Explained

There are many online websites these days where you can buy things, sitting at home. You can buy everything from collectibles, electronics, food, clothes and even edible stuff. Most of these are based in America while others are operating internationally.

There are two big sites, named eBay and Etsy. The Difference Between eBay and Etsy is that Etsy is a site for people who make things at home while eBay has everything from electronics to clothing.

eBay: History and Growth.

EBay is an American company that has headquarters in San Jose. It ships worldwide and provides online shopping services. The company was found in 1995 and it was originally opened as Auction web. On this website, buyers can come for free and buy things. On the other hand, sellers have to pay to register and sell things. Originally, the website has auction-style sales but now it has instant Buy it option.

There are different sections on the website and you can buy from these sections. There is an electronics section from where you can buy phones, computers and household electronics. There is also a Fashion section where you can buy clothes and shoes. Also, there is a Health and Beauty section where you can buy makeup and skin care products.

You can also buy collectibles from the website. There is also a gift section from where you can buy gifts for several occasions and people. On the website, there are daily deals where you can find 5% to 50% discount on different things.

Etsy: History and Growth.

Etsy is another ecommerce website where you can buy handmade things and vintage collectibles. There are different things such as clothing, home décor, bags, jewelry, furniture, and toys. On the site, all vintage things are older than 20 years. On Etsy, you have to create a shop. This process is free. However, every time you post a listing, you are charged $0.20 on it. The listing stays on this website for four months and after that, it disappears.

The price is set by the seller but the website takes 5% of the final price. The bill is sent to the shop owner every month. As a shop owner, you can pay through debit cards, credit cards or a PayPal account. To buy on the website, you can search for a product in the search bar or browse through the options that are present on the left side.

There are different options to choose from, including vintage, kids, gifts, living, jewelry, mobile accessories and many more. Each category has further sub categories. When you buy a product, you can see the reviews the seller has gotten from previous customers. Unlike sellers, buyers do not need an account. They can buy through Facebook and Google.

Summary of Difference Between eBay and Etsy:

  • The Difference Between eBay and Etsy is that Etsy is a site for handmade stuff while eBay has other things too.
  • Sellers can set a shop on Etsy and list their products online.
  • Both websites have multiple categories and subcategories to choose from.

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