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Difference Between Golden Globes and Oscar Explained

Different award shows are held every year, in which movies and actors are presented with awards for their performance in their roles. These awards are a way of appreciating the stars and people watch them with much interest, hoping their favorite actor or actress would win.

Golden Globes and Oscars are two of the biggest awards that are held. Difference between Golden Globes and Oscar is that Golden Globes also recognize TV along with movies while Oscars are given just for movies. So, you will see a lot of TV stars in the Golden Globes crowd too while on the Oscars, movie stars are the highlight of the evening.

Golden Globes: History and Founding Date.

Golden Globes recognize film and TV stars in domestic and foreign categories. The awards are given by voting body comprising of 93 members. They belong to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This award ceremony is held annually and it is watched in 167 countries around the world. It is the third most-watched award show in the world.

The HFPA is a non-profit organization that is made up of photographers and journalists. This organization was created in 1943 with the aim of awarding films and TV shows. There are many categories in which the actors and films are awarded. There are 11 categories for television and 14 categories for film, making a total of 25 awards.

Another Difference between Golden Globes and Oscar is that the atmosphere at Golden Globes is more like a party as compared to the Oscars. There is more chance to socialize as everyone sits at round tables and a lot of champagne is served. There are a lot of fun moments that fans get to see during the show and during commercial breaks.

Oscars: History and Founding Date.

The Oscars are also held every year and they only recognize films. The selection for the award is made by 7000 members. The Oscars are considered more prestigious because experts are voting for the winners. There are 17 branches of the awards, from acting to the direction. In each category, nominees are selected and then the members can vote for a winner. The experts in those fields choose the winners.

Oscars are hosted by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science every year and the members consist of actors, producers, and directors. There is a total of 24 awards and there are seepage categories in which cinematographers, writers, and screenplay writers are awarded.

The Academy Awards are hosted in the Kodak theatre and the parties follow afterward. The ceremony is not as formal as the Golden Globes and is considered soberer.

Summary of Difference Between Golden Globes and Oscar:

  • The Difference between Golden Globes and Oscar is that Oscars are given only for film categories while golden globes also recognize TV.
  • Another Difference between Golden Globes and Oscar is that Oscars are a more sober affair while Golden globes tend to be lavish.
  • There is a lot of champagne going around at the Golden Globes and the speeches are normally funny and light.
  • There are 25 categories in Golden Globes and 24 at the Academy Awards.

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