Difference Between Mission and Vision Statement

Difference Between Mission and Vision Statement

Summary: Difference Between Mission and Vision Statement is Vision Statement defines the best desired future state, the picture of what a corporation needs to realize over time. Mission statement defines this state or purpose of a corporation. Vision is like destination. Vision can change. While mission is the path and cannot be change.

Difference Between Mission and Vision Statement


1-Vision is like destination

2-Vision can change

3-Vision statement comes first

4-Vision statement is like a Short term goal.

5-Vision is where the company should go from here – in terms of volumes, product markets etc. This is also long term, but perhaps a shorter term than the mission.

6-Vision is a statement of some desired future state (as an example Microsoft’s vision was a computer on every desk and in every home).

7-Always start with values….which then drive the vision

8-I see a vision as something you want to achieve or create. It’s a way of implementing in the world who you are and want to be (your mission).

9-Vision talks about the future aspiration

10-Vision comes first. Vision is a mental picture of what I want to get or see. This could pertain to anything in life, money, property, health, profession, society, etc., absolutely anything you can think of. Vision is a Concept. Vision is an Idea.

11-Vision = long term goal, like e.g. after 10-20 years where you will be or what it the ultimate result you want. E.g. vision of India for 10 years is: to become a developed country.


1-Mission the path

2-But mission cannot change.

3-Mission statement comes next

4-Mission statement is like a long term goal

5-Mission is what the business exists for – the broad purpose of the business, what the promoters created the company for, or what the current people in charge of the affairs – BOD and shareholders think of it. For example, what broad consumer needs the company should be serving in the long run. The time frame here is the longest.

6-The mission statement (which originates with the military) should be informational. It should talk about what you do how you deliver it and who your clients are.

7-Always start with values….which then drive the vision and then the mission

8-I think Mission comes before Vision. I like Stephen Covey’s approach to Mission Statements in his book First Things First. And from his approach, a Mission Statement is a statement of who you are and want to be — whether as an individual or a company. It is a statement of your core values that guide you, how you see your purpose for being — as a human being or an organization.

9-Mission states our reasons for existence as an organization or purpose.

10-Mission is the way you go about achieving what you want to get or see. (Vision.) Mission is the Action Plan, the Game Plan, the Methodology.

11-Mission is how you reach there to achieve your vision. Mission will be: get edge in technology agriculture and education.

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