Difference Between Roast and Bake

Roast vs Bake

Summary: Difference Between Roast and Bake is that both used for cooking but Roasting used to get the crispy exterior of the food and cooks speedily as compared to Baking. While when baking your food, your food gets cooked by the oven’s hot air. Generally, the most common food product which use bake cooking way is bread and which use broil cooking way is Meat.

Difference Between Roast and Bake

Difference Between Roasting and Baking

  • Baking use more time than broasting.
  • Baking cook your foods from all the sides unlike Roasting which makes your foods exterior crispy and interior soft.
  • In Baking, heat is distributed equally to all sides of the foods but in roasting heat is given from both top and bottom.
  • Baking use indirect heating while roasting use direct heating.
  • Roasting use higher temperature than baking, so the food cooked instantly by Roasting as compared to baking it.
  • Food cooked by Roasting it, the upper part of the food will be more crispy. And the food cooked by baking it, whole food remains same.


While Roasting food gets exposed to high heat similar to boiling, but while Roasting the heat is applied to the food from both the Top and the Bottom heating elements. And then it makes Food’s outer skin brown and crispy, after that microwave oven reduces its heat and keep roasting it till it gets cooked from the center. Foods like Whole or skin-on poultry, like chicken, prime rib and dense vegetables, like potatoes or carrots. These kinds of foods get roasted to developer the crispy exterior and soft interior in these foods. Roasting cooks food more speedily as compared to Baking because of the high initial heat is used in this process.


When baking your food, your food gets cooked by the oven’s hot air. While baking, you can’t put the food directly on your oven’s rack, you have to put your food on baking pan or baking sheet. The temperature of baking oven generally use 170˚-500˚ degrees F to bake the food, which depends on the settings of your oven. Baking use more time than broiling. Baking cook your foods from all the sides.

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