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Difference Between Thick and Fat Explained

Everyone has a different body type and shape. There are some formal and some slang terms used to describe different bodies. Some people might be slim while others are slightly heavier. Even in the slim bodies, there are further categories and same is the case with heavier bodies.

Often, there are two terms used to describe people that are not ‘slim’ or thin. These two terms are thick and fat. The Difference between Thick and Fat is that thick is used in the positive sense while fat is used in the negative senses. While fat is a proper word for someone who is obese, thick is more of a slang.

Fat: Origin and Etymology.

Fat is a term used to describe people who have excessive weight. They have loose flesh and larger bellies. Some other terms that are used for fat people are overweight and obese. A person is called fat if he or she has a huge stomach and wide waist.

These people also have flaps over their arms and thighs. Since fat has a negative connotation, people tend to get hurt and offended when they are called fat. Being fat is associated with being unattractive and not beautiful.

In scientific terms, a person is a fat if he or she is overweight according to their BMI. Such people are at a higher risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac problems. There are different factors that can contribute towards obesity and eating too much is the major one of them.

Other factors include little physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, hormones, genetic background, and hormones. Some people might get obese due to their health condition.

Thick: Origin and Etymology.

While fat is taken as an insult, being called think is normally taken as a compliment. A person who is thick also has a body above the average size. However, a thick woman is someone who has voluptuous hips, thick and breasts. This term is used for describing the appearance and figure of women.

These women have the biggest breasts, bottoms, and a slim waist. Thick is not a formal word like fat so most dictionaries do not have its meaning in them. It is more of slang and is used among young people to refer to a busy female who is attracted to men. Another use of ‘thick’ is to call someone stupid. If you say that a person is thick or has a thick brain, it can also imply that they are stupid.

Summary of Difference Between Thick and Fat:

  • The Difference between Thick and Fat is that fat has a negative connotation while thick has a positive connotation.
  • Both of these terms are used for describing the physical appearance of a person.
  • Thick is normally used to describe females while fat is used for both genders.
  • Another Difference between Thick and Fat is that fat is an insult while thick is used as a compliment.
  • Fat is considered to be ugly or unattractive while a thick woman is considered attractive and sexy.

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