Different Between Amazon and Walmart Explained

Nowadays, there are huge retail stores where you can get everything from toothpaste to clothing items. Walmart is one of those stores while Amazon is an online site where you can buy anything. The Different between Amazon and Walmart is that one is a physical store and other is operating online.

Walmart: History and Growth.

Walmart is based in America and is a retails chain that has stores all over the country. Under this corporation, there are many discount department stores, hypermarkets and grocery stores. It has its headquarters in Arkansas and it was found in 1962.

Walmart became a multinational company later on and has its stores in 27 countries around the world. The company wants you to save money and live better. This is why they offer discounted products that most people can afford.

There are many departments at the store that you can shop from. Customers can shop for anything from groceries to electronics under one roof. Walmart has also started delivering its products to your doorstep. There is free 2 day delivery when you shop for more than $35. Whatever you want to buy, you can just search for it in the tool bar and the store would most probably have it.

Amazon: History and Growth.

Amazon is an online industry that has thrived on a mass scale due to technological innovation. It is the largest e-commerce market in the world right now and was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. In the beginning, Amazon only sold books as it was made for that purpose. After some time, the company started selling everything from apparel and software to games and furniture.

When you go to Amazon, you will see tons of departments that you can shop from. The Different between Amazon and Walmart is that everything at Walmart is supplied by manufacturing companies. On the other hand, anyone can sell their things, handicrafts or clothes on Amazon.

Amazon has a delivery service that delivers the products to your home. Amazon prime is a the delivery service in which the products come to you in just 2 days and 100 million people around the world have subscribed to it. Right now, Amazon is producing Kindles, Fire TV and Fire tablets.

The company also has subsidiaries in Whole foods and Ring. The website is customer-centric so customers can find everything from rugs to hand-made jewelry. Other than that, Amazon also has its smart assistant, Alexa, which you can buy for your home.

Summary of Different Between Amazon and Walmart:

  • The Different between Amazon and Walmart is that Walmart started way before Amazon.
  • While Walmart has its stores in 27 different countries and multiple locations, Amazon operates online and customers have to shop online.
  • Amazon also offers other services like Kindles, Fire Tablet, Alexa and Amazon books.
  • Both retailers have almost everything from basic household item to furniture and electronics.
  • However, Amazon may also have second-hand products or hand-made items that are not available at Walmart.
  • Both the companies are competitors of each other.

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