Difference Between Amazon and Jet Explained

Nowadays, most people like to sit at home and shop online. Instead of going out to shop and manually browsing through things, people just do it on the Internet. This is a great way to save energy and time. There are many e-commerce websites online and Amazon and Jet are two of them.

Amazon is a giant that delivers to different parts of the world. The difference between Amazon and Jet is that Amazon is a bigger company as compared to Jet. Both of these websites sell almost everything and you can find anything that you are looking for.

Amazon: History and Business Growth.

Amazon is an e-commerce website where people can buy everything, sitting at home. Whether you want to buy food items, camping gear or clothing items, you will find it on Amazon. There are different categories that you can select from.

Each category has further sub-categories where you can find everything of your liking. If you want to quickly find something, you can just write it on the search box and get thousands of options.

In Amazon, buyers can rate the products and write reviews about them. So, if you want to buy something, you can read the reviews and decide if you want to buy it or not. Amazon offers free shipping to customers who have Amazon Prime.

It is a media service offered by Amazon where subscribers can watch different TV shows and documentaries. Amazon also offers other services like Alexa which is a virtual assistant to help you at home.

With Alexa, you can search for anything, sitting on your couch or control the lighting and sound around the home. On Amazon, you can find interesting things like books for your Kindle and personalized items.

Jet: History and Business Growth

Jet is also an eCommerce website. It is not as big as Amazon but it also has a lot of products too. You can find everything from clothing, shoes and home décor to personal items.

There are thousands of products in each category and you can choose from different sellers. Some of the sellers are individuals while others are companies.

Every season, there is an assortment of products on the website. For example, during the summer, the website would have summer essentials. There are also deals that you can benefit from.

Just like Amazon, you can also download the Jet app and buy everything, sitting anywhere.  Jet has collaborations with many NGOs and they even have their own brand called Uniquely J.

Summary of Difference Between Amazon and Jet:

  • Difference between Amazon and Jet is that Jet is a smaller website as compared to Amazon.
  • Also, Amazon has other services like Kindle books, Amazon Prime and Alexa while Jet does not have any of these features.
  • On both of these websites, you can get products from top brands such as Adidas and Nike.
  • At the same time, you can also buy from individual sellers and smaller brands.
  • A Difference between Amazon and Jet is that Jet is owned by Walmart while Amazon was an individual venture.

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