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Difference Between Soccer and Football Cleats Explained

Whether you are a football player or a soccer player, you need to have cleats as a part of your uniform. You can even get flagged for wearing the wrong cleats on the field. All cleats are not the same. There are different ones for football, lacrosse, and soccer.

 These cleats are made for making the athletes more stable on the field. However, the design for each game is different, depending on the needs of that particular sport. The Difference between Soccer and Football Cleats is on the basis of their weight and design.

Soccer Cleats: Types and Sizes.

As compared to football cleats, soccer cleats only come in one style. The style is low-cut on these cleats since all players need to be agile. This low cut style helps in maneuverability, especially as the ankle. Also, soccer cleats are lighter as compared to football cleats.

The construction of these cleats is such that the upper part can be leather or synthetic while the outsoles are made of rubber. This is done to keep the cleats light and durable.

Everyone on the field is running so they need to have lighter cleats that keep them low to the ground. This helps in keeping the player’s feet towards the center of gravity. Soccer cleats do not have the toe stud that football cleats.

This is because a toe stud is not needed. It would not do much for traction and it could also harm an opponent while the players are side tackling.

Football Cleats: Types and Sizes.

Football cleats are available in three different types. This is because different players are playing at different positions in the game and have different roles. There is a high-tops style which supports the whole ankle. Then, there are mid-cut cleats that only support a part of the ankle.

These cleats are good for players who are quarterbacks or defensive backs. This style offers more support and maneuverability as compared to high tops. The last style is the low cut cleat which is preferred by some defensive backs as it is lightweight. So, this style of cleats allows you to attain maximum running speed.

Since football clears have thick outsoles, they are heavier. They are made of leather or synthetic material. In football cleats, there is a toe stud towards the big toe. This is there to offer additional grip during play. When a player pushed off from a hunched position, this toe stud helps in giving it that support.

Summary of Difference Between Soccer and Football Cleats:

  • The Difference Between Soccer and Football Cleats is that football cleats tend to be heavier while soccer cleats are lighter as they need to allow the player maximum agility.
  • Another Difference between Soccer and Football Cleats is that football cleats have a toe stud that soccer cleats do not.
  • This toe stud is not required for soccer players.
  • While soccer cleats are only available in one style, football cleats are available in three different styles.
  • Players can choose the cleats depending on which position they play at.

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