Difference Between Amazon and Netflix Explained

Since the entertainment industry has become huge in recent years, there are many online services that bring entertainment to you, in bed. These services let you stream video content for a very minimal price so you do not even have to go out of the house.

 Two of these services are Amazon and Netflix. While they are both quite popular, Netflix is a clear winner. However, Amazon Prime has become a competition now and they both differ in some regards. The Difference between Amazon and Netflix is that Amazon Prime is the video streaming platform by Amazon while Netflix is a streaming service, on its own.

Amazon: Foundation and Growth.

Amazon prime is operated by Amazon, which a giant in the eCommerce industry. Users have to get a subscription for this service and they can enjoy unlimited media content for the whole month. The first month is free for trial and after that month, Amazon prime starts to charge the customers. Anyone can subscribe to Amazon Prime for just $119 a year and enjoy unlimited content.

There is also music on the service that is free of any ads. Since Amazon Prime is linked to the parent Amazon site, you get free two-day shipping when you subscribe to the service. Along with that, there are also deals on the subscription that users can enjoy from time to time. Amazon has a special discount for students who sign up with a .edu email address. They have to pay half the subscription fee.

Netflix: Foundation and Growth.

While Amazon Prime is owned and operated by Amazon, Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings. Hastings and Marc Randolph started the company from a DVD mail order and it became a sensation in the world. It started in 1997 and has changed a lot since them.

However, it is a leading name in mainstream media today. Just like Amazon Prime, Netflix also has TV shows and movies that you can stream. They offer a one-month free trial and three days before it ends, they remind you that they will start charging you now. You can cancel any time and there is no fee.

There are three plans; basic, standard and premium. The basic plan does not have HD and you can only watch it one screen. The standard plan has HD and it can be watched on two screens. The premium plan offers HD and Ultra HD viewing. It can be used on four screens at the same time. Netflix also has its own documentaries, movies, and shows.

Summary of Difference between Amazon and Netflix

  • The Difference between Amazon and Netflix is that they are owned by different countries.
  • Another Difference between Amazon and Netflix is that Netflix is a monthly subscription service while Amazon Prime is a yearly service.
  • There are different plans for Netflix while there is only one for Amazon.
  • A Difference between Amazon and Netflix is that with Amazon Prime subscription, you can 2-day free shipping from Amazon while no such perk comes with a Netflix subscription.

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