Difference Between American Bulldog and Pitbull Explained

American Bulldog and Pitbull are both breeds of dogs and some people might consider them the same. They do belong to the same family, which is the Molosser family. Despite that, they have some differences. One of the physical Difference between American bulldog and Pit bull is that pit bull dogs are not as large as American bull dog. Also, American bull dog weighs more than the pit bull.

American Bull Dog: Species History and Facts.

The American Bulldog is a dog breed that comes from Old English Dog; a now-extinct species. These dogs are kept as pets and are also involved in dog sports and kept on animal farms. They are often considered an icon for the US, thus the name.

These dogs are tough. Other names for the American bulldog include Hill bulldog, country bulldog, Southern white, English White and White English. The American bulldog is stocky and is strong-looking with a muscular build. In the past, the colors were mainly white with red and black patches but now patches or fawn and brown are also seen.

These dogs are suitable to keep as pets because they are social and live well with families. They want a lot of attention and stay happy with their owners, when given that. If they are treated properly early in life, they interact very well with children. A Difference between American bulldog and Pit bull is the head of American bulldogs is box shaped while that of pit bulls is more block shaped.

Pitbull: Species History and Facts:

Pitbull is a breed of dog that comes from terriers and bulldogs. Pit bulls were created after combining the desirable feathers of terriers and bulldogs. Pit bulls are strong like bulldogs and playful like terriers.

Pit bulls are smaller dogs as compared to bulldogs as their height is between 18 to 21 inches. Similarly, they also weightless, between 40 to 60 lbs. pit bulls are muscular but not as heavy as the Bulldogs. Instead of that, they are sleek and have agility like terriers.

The tip of their head is rounded towards the muzzle. Pit bulls have a life expectancy of just 12 years and they are also kept as pets. Back in the day, they were originally made as fighting dogs for blood sport.

However, when animal welfare rights came into being, the dogs were used as catch dogs. They were used for hunting and for driving live stick. Dog fighting is still continued, illegally, in the US and pit bulls are used in it.

Summary of Difference Between American Bulldog and Pitbull:

  • There is Difference between American bulldog and Pit bull in their life expectancy. Pit bulls only live for 12 years while bull dogs are expected to live for 16 years.
  • Another Difference between American bulldog and Pit bull is that pit bulls were made by crossing terriers and bulldogs while bull dogs originated from Old English bulldogs.
  • Bull dogs are more muscular and broad as compared to pit bulls that are sleek and agile.

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