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Difference Between Its and It’s Explained

Its and It’s, these are probably two of the most confusing terms or pronouns. Even though for a normal English speaker, it is quite easy to differentiate between the two. However, other people who are not native to English to find these terms a lot confusing. In this article, we will try you tell you the difference between its and it’s.

While we will be sharing the major differences between the terms, we will begin with the basic definitions and we will try to use them in the sentences so that you can better learn the actual difference. So before wasting any more of your time, here is the major difference between its and it’s.

Its: Definition and use in Sentences:

Its, it is a word in English language which is used to describe the possession of something towards its possessor. Many people are confused whether this term means ‘it is’ which is actually the full form of It’s. While the confusion remains, we are going to use this term in the sentences and then you will be able to understand the different better.

Example 1: The dog ate its food.

Here, the term is showing that the food is dog’s and the dog ate it. This showed the possession that it is the dog who own the food and then he ate it. Let us give you another example which will help you even more:

Example 2: The Lake is beautiful in its own way.

Here, the term is trying to attribute the characteristic of beauty towards the Lake and you must have seen the pronoun which was used. I hope with these two examples, you are quite clear about the concept of this terms at least.

It’s: Definition and use in Sentences:

This term ‘it’s’ is actually ‘it is’ and is written in the short form which is our second confusing term for this article. It just like when we write ‘she had’ as ‘she’d’. The term is actually shortened to save some space. It is a simple English writing norm and nothing special. But, of course, we shall provide the necessary examples to explain the major differences:

Example 1: It is a beautiful day.

If you are capable of reading this article, you must know enough English to understand that this is nothing complex and all you need to do is to look through the examples to understand the difference.

I hope that this article was enough to help you remove the confusion between ‘it’s’ and ‘its’. If you want more of such cool articles, leave us your feedback and keep visiting our site.

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