Difference Between Agriculture and Horticulture Explained

Agriculture and horticulture are both practices of growing crops but there are a few differences too. The main Difference between Agriculture and Horticulture is that horticulture strictly deals with growing plants and agriculture also involves rearing life stock. Both of these practices can be used for making money or for subsistence. There are some techniques that are used in both practices.

Agriculture: Origin and Use.

Agriculture is the practice or growing plants along with livestock. Human civilization became mobile after agriculture as they could grow crops. The surplus of food allowed humans to live in cities. Agricultural practices started thousands of years ago and they are still the main source of income for most people around the world.

Animals such as cattle and pigs are domesticated for food by-products and meat. Agricultural yields have grown over the years due to betterment in technology, pesticides, and other agricultural inputs.

In modern animal husbandry, selective breeding has broadened the choice of produced offspring. The meat output has become more and better. Another difference between agriculture and horticulture is that agricultural products are classified into fuels, fiber and raw materials. The raw material includes rubber while foods are plants and meat. Other foods include milk, oils, eggs, fruits, and fungi.

These days, agriculture is the main source of income in developing countries while developed countries have started doing other things like services. Conventional agriculture includes the processes, such as irrigation, that promote the growth or single crop while sustainable agriculture involves applying principles that allow multiple crops to grow.

Horticulture: Origin and Use.

Horticulture is a sub-branch or agriculture that involves growing of plants for food, comfort, and raw materials. The plants grown in horticulture could be for food or for ornamental purposes. Some aspects of horticulture are conservation, soil management, garden design, and landscape restoration.

In this practice, horticulturists grow plants depending on the fertility, nature, and condition of the soil. A difference between agriculture and horticulture is that horticulture does not include animal husbandry.

A horticulturist would use knowledge of plants to find out which plants will grow best in a certain kind of soil. These plants are grown for human uses and social needs. For example, horticulture is important for garden design and even for therapeutic work. Many plants are grown for their therapeutic potential for greenhouses.

Moreover, the nutritional value and defense mechanisms of plants are also improved in horticulture; mainly through genetic engineering. Horticulture is on a smaller scale, mostly in gardens and greenhouses.

Summary of the Difference Between Agriculture and Horticulture:

  • The major difference between agriculture and horticulture is that agriculture is inclusive for plant cultivation and animal husbandry while horticulture only includes plant cultivation.
  • The plants grown in horticulture are for food and non-food use and those grown in agriculture are for the same purposes too.
  • Another difference between agriculture and horticulture is that horticulture is on a small scale while agriculture is on a large scale, infield and farms.
  • Horticulturists have special knowledge and skills about plant cultivation which they use in growing fruits, vegetables, and therapeutic herbs.

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