Difference Between Apple and Android Explained

Mobiles phones are a necessity in today’s time and they run on different operating systems. The two major operating systems are iOS and Android. The Difference between Apple and Android is Android is an operating system made by Google while iOS is made by Apple. Apple is a company set up by Steve Jobs and his colleagues that is now one of the biggest companies in the world.

Apple: History and Growth.

Apple is a company, set up by Steve Jobs back in 1976. Currently, the headquarters are in California and it is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The company produces many products including the iPad, iPhones, and iPod. The phones made by Apply have an operating system called is. Along with that, there are many online services such as iOS Apply store, Mac applies store and iTunes store.

Their people, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak started this company in 1976 to sell the personal computer developed by Wozniak. The sales of Apply grew quickly during 1977 and the company hired some computer designers to set up a production line. The company became public in 1980 its financial success has only accelerated since that time.

Due to power struggles in the country and other issues, Apple lost many shares. Steve Jobs had also quit his own company to form NeXT. In 2000, Jobs became the CEO again and brought the company back to life. 2011, Steve Jobs resigned due to health issues and just two months later, he passed away. Tim Cook is the new CEO of Apple now,

Android: History and Growth.

Android is a mobile phone operating software that has been developed by Google. It is the most used operating system in the world and operates on almost all companies’ phones except Apple. Along with Android for phone, Google has also developed an Android system for other devices such as for the TV and for wrist watches. There are some variants of Android that are used in a digital camera, personal computers, and game consoles.

Google keeps updating Android and the latest version of this operating system is the 9 Pie. In Android, the Android users get a lot of pre-installed applications in their phones such as Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Play, and other services. There are more than 2 billion Android users in the world right now and the Google Play store had more than 2.6 million apps in 2018. In Android, the applications are written using Software development kit and sometimes, Java.

Summary of Difference Between Apple and Android:

  • The Difference between Apple and Android is that Apple is a company that makes phones, tablets and TVs and other electronics while Android is an operating system.
  • While Apple is a company on its own, Android is developed and owned by Google.
  • Another Difference between Apple and Android is that Apple is an old company while Android was revealed for the public in 2007.
  • Android is used by Google phones, Samsung and many other companies as their operating system.
  • The operating system for Apple phones is IOS.

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