Difference Between Apple and Microsoft Explained

There are many big companies in the world and most of them are related to tech and software. Apple and Microsoft are two such companies. Even though some of their features are the same, there is a prominent Difference between Apple and Microsoft. Both of these companies have their own variety of products and services.

Apple: History and Busines Growth

Apple is an American company which has its headquarters in Cupertino. The company sells electronics, software and many other services. It is one of the four big companies in the world right now. Apple started in a garage and since then, it has become a huge company. The main product made by the company is Apple phones.

There are new models released every year and Apple phones are now a status of the symbol. Along with phones, the company also makes tablets called iPads and laptops that are called the MacBook.

All of Apple products have their own distinct features such as Face Time and Siri. Face time is the vide calling feature on all Apple devices while Siri is a virtual assistant that helps in everything from contacts on your phone to nearby hotels. In 2008, App store as launched by Apple.

This is a collection of apps and games that Apple users can download. Some of the apps and games are free while others are paid. Other features of Apple include iTunes, iLife, iWork, and iPods.

Microsoft: History and Business Growth.

Microsoft is also an American company and it has its headquarters in Washington. The company sells electronics, personal computer, software, and associated services. The best service provided by Microsoft is the operating system, Windows that is used in computers.

Other than that, Microsoft has also made MS Office, which is a collection of different software. For example, Microsoft Word can be used for making text documents while Microsoft PowerPoint in used for making presentations.

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates in 1975. Since then, the company has made many products such as Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, Xbox AND Visual Studio. Other than that, the company also provides many services such as Microsoft Store, Xbox Live, LinkedIn, Bing and Office 365. Windows, which is created by Microsoft, has much more software because it is most commonly used.

When developers are developing software, they do not have the resolves to make it available for all operating systems so they make it available for the most commonly used operating system. Even if these versions are created, the Apple versions are not as functional as Windows software.

Summary of Difference Between Apple and Microsoft:

  • The Difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple is selling more products than Microsoft right now.
  • Another Difference between Apple and Microsoft is that Apple’s operating system is not as common as Microsoft’s operating system.
  • Both companies have their own services and products, ranging from electronic devices to software.
  • While Microsoft focuses on its Windows operating system and Office, Apple has its focus on phones and tablets.
  • While Microsoft devices are built by different manufacturers, Apple products are made by and for Apple.

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