Difference Between Area and Volume Explained

When you are working with shapes, you can find there are and volume. This helps in calculations and practical applications too. The main Difference between Area and Volume is that area refers to the space that an object covers while volume is the space that is contained inside an object.

Area determines how much space is covered by an object while volume deals with the capacity of the object. For example, the volume of a bowl is the amount of water or fluid that can come in it while its area is the surface space that it covers.

Area: Definition and Calculations.

The area is a 2D measurement about an object. It refers to the surface that an object covers. There are different formulas for measuring the area of different shapes. In mathematics, the area is measured for carrying out calculations while in daily life, the area is used for different applications such as in architecture.

The area is calculated even for basic things in day to day life. For example, the area of a room is calculated to determine the length and width of the carpet or tiles to be put in that room.

 Area measurements are also used in engineering and other fields. Area is calculated in meter per square. The area calculations for different shapes is different. For irregular shapes, area is calculated by breaking the object into regular shapes and then adding the area of individual shapes. You can calculate the area of shapes like square, rectangle, circle, triangle, trapezoid and parallelogram.

Volume: Definition and Calculations.

Volume is a 3-D measurement that is also done to describe an attribute of a shape. It refers to the space that is contained inside an object. The amount of water that can come into a pool is the volume of the pool. Volume is measure is meter cube.

The formula of volume for different shapes is different. You can calculate the volume of cube, cuboid, prism, cone, sphere, and prism. In calculating the volume of different objects, the pie is used in the formula.

Volume calculations are helpful in learning about the capacity of any object. For example, if you want to know the capacity of a pool or a water tank, you can calculate the volume of the shape. One Difference between Area and Volume is that area is measured for planar figure while volume is used for three dimensional shapes.

Summary of the Difference Between Area and Volume:

  • The main Difference between Area and Volume is that volume is the capacity of an object while the area refers to space covered.
  • Also, the area is measured in meters per square while volume is measured in meter cube.
  • Planar figures can only have area since they are two dimensions while solid figures or three-dimensional figures also have volume.
  • Another Difference between Area and Volume is that SI units for both measurements. It is m3 for volume and m2 for the area.
  • These two mathematical terms are different from each other but they are used together in many instances, such as in practical applications and mathematical calculations.

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