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Difference Between Cellar and Basement Explained

Even though cellar and basement, both, are underneath the main house, they are quite different. Some people think that they are the same and this is why they often end up making a mistake when they are building their home. When you are planning to build a home, you must know the difference between cellar and basement. This would help you decide which room you want to have in your house.

Basement: Etymology and Use.

A basement is present below the house’s ground floor. It may be partially below the house or completely below it, depending on how it was built. It is actually a room in the house which can be used for anything. Some people use their basement for keeping their washing machine, for laundry while others might use it as a storage unit. In some houses, basement is also used as a bed room or study room.

Or, you can also keep things in your basement that are not of daily use. Basements are normally made in houses that are in a temperature climate. During the free thaw cycle, the foundation of a house might get unstable and basements tend to maintain the stability of the house. If made in wet climates, it can be hard to maintain a basement because the room will always be cold. Every house can have a basement but not every house needs a cellar.

A difference between cellar and basement is that cellar is not likely to have windows while basements do have windows as they may be partially underhand.

Cellar: Etymology and Use.

The cellar is also an underground room but it is not present in all houses. It is used for storage of certain foods such as wine. Wine cellars are common in houses where wine enthusiasts live. Cellars do have windows and they can be made into restaurants.

Even when they do have windows, they are very high up and are at the same level as the curb. Those things are stored in the cellar that is sensitive to moisture. Cellars offer protection from harsh temperatures because they are even below the ground than basements. These are too small and cannot be normally given as rent.

While the basement is often used as bedrooms by people, cellars are not. Since they are smaller in size, they can be heated easily. Also, cellars can be dehumidified using the right equipment if concrete walls are present.

Summary of Difference Between Cellar and Basement:

  • The difference between cellar and basement is that basement may just be partially under ground while cellar is further down.
  • Cellars do not normally have windows and even when they do, they are quite high.
  • On the other hand, basements can have windows.
  • Cellars are too small to be given on rent while basements are used as separate rooms.
  • A difference between cellar and basement is that dry cellars can be used as storage units for those foodstuffs that are sensitive to moisture.
  •  Both, cellar and basement can offer protection against harsh whether even though cellars are better option.

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