Difference Between Film and Movie

Film vs Movie

Summary: Difference Between Film and Movie is that Movie and Film both are pictures which people consider as same but they are technically different. The purpose of making pictures in both of them creates differ. Film is generally made for an artist and is always having a lesson and main goal behind making film is not earning profit. But Movie is generally made for entertaining and getting the maximum audience to earn maximum money.

Difference Between Film and Movie


Film is not made to earn profit but the real goal behind creating film is giving everyone a lesson. Of you can say it is an art of conveying information or lesson to the audience. Film is mostly being watched by the Artist type people or people that belongs to the literature. E.g Blue Velvet is a film as it’s an art film.


Movie is a source of entertainment for viewers, movie attracts the audience and is made according to the liking of the audience. And Movies is made to earn the Maximum profit. E.g Gravity is a movie that attracts the audience.

Difference Between Movie and Film


Can be an art picture.

Film is not made to earn money.

Film is not the source of entertainment.

Film is the source of information.

Film has a lesson.

Film target audience are artists.

E.g Blue Velvet is a film.


Can’t be an art picture.

Movie is made to earn money.

Movie is the source of entertainment.

Movie is not the source of information.

Movie doesn’t has any lesson.

Movie target audience are common people.

E.g Gravity is a movie.

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