Difference Between Book and Novel Explained

The main Difference between Book and Novel is that a book can be any collection of pages while the novel is a fiction book. So, basically novel is also a book but its genre is fiction. On the other hand, a book can be fiction or non-fiction. You can say that all novels are books. However, all books are not novel since all books are not fiction.

Book: Origin and Use.

Book is a very common term and it actually refers to a collection of pages that are bound together. A person who writes the book is called an author and this written material can be about anything. There are history books that deal with history topics and text books that are taught in school, dealing with different subjects. A book can be about different disciplines or topics. For example, there could be a book of poetry or a book of prose.

The author who writes the book has a specific purpose for writing the book. The book deals with that subject and it explains that topic. For example, a book about Indian history will cover different aspects of Indian history. A book does not necessarily have pages. Empty notebooks or exercise books are used by students in schools for writing purposes. The writer can fill these blank pages with anything.

Novel: Origin and Use.

A novel is also a book but it is specifically a book that is written on a fictional matter. The person writing the novel is called a novelist. There is no specific subject covered in the book as the writer is just writing fictional accounts. Novels are interesting to read since they are fictional accounts created through imagination.

Biographies are also considered novels and autobiographies are actually called an autobiographical novel. Sometimes, fictional elements are also added to autobiographical elements so this is why it is considered a novel.

Another Difference between Book and Novel is that in a book, the writer will talk about a certain subject. However, in a novel, the writer tells a story that he or she has made up. This could be a romantic story, a science fiction, horror or thriller story.

It totally depends on the novelist what he or she wants to write in the novel and the things to do not even have to be factual. On the other hand, books contain facts as they are non-fiction. A novel has more than 40k words. Any story shorter than that is often called a short story and most authors present their work as anthologies.

Summary of Difference between Book and Novel:

  • The major Difference between Book and Novel is that of genre.
  • A book can be anything from a historical book, poetry book to any book without words.
  • On the other hand, a novel is a fictional account that the novelist has made up.
  • Another Difference between Book and Novel is that the writer of a novel is called novelist while that of a book is called an author.
  • A novel contains more than 40k words while a book can be any length.

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