Difference Between Hunger and Appetite Explained

Hunger and appetite are two words that are used interchangeably and many people confuse the meaning of both the words. They both mean different even though they might sound the same. The Difference between Hunger and Appetite is that hunger is the physical feeling you have when your body needs more fuel.

 On the other hand, appetite is the desire for eating. This could be due to hunger or any other reason. Your body has its own system of making sure that you are refueling it when needed. So, there are different things that happen when you are hungry.

Appetite: Word Origin and Use.

Appetite refers to your desire for eating. This is not always due to hunger, although hunger is the prime reason for it. Appetite may be due to smelling good food or walking past a bakery. If you want to lose weight, you will have to watch your appetite.

To control your appetite, eat regularly, after intervals. Do not eat in one go. Instead, eat small portions but eat throughout the day so that your body is not tempted by the cravings.

Another way to control your appetite is to eat slowly. Normally, your body takes up to 20 minutes for knowing that you are full. When you are eating, take your time and chew on your food so that you take long to eat. Appetite can be satiated by eating food that has volume.

This means that you should eat fibers and whole grains as they keep you fill and do not let you feel tempted again and again. The Difference between Hunger and Appetite is that appetite can be triggered by anything such as stress or aroma but hunger is a physical feeling in your body causing by signals sent by the brain.

Hunger: Word Origin and Use.

Hunger is the ‘need’ to eat food as your body instructs you to do so. The first sign of hunger is a rumbling stomach. This is your body’s way of letting you know that it needs fuel. Another difference between Hunger and Appetite is that you cannot control hunger since it is instinctive. You should not ignore hunger since this can have negative effects on the body.

Not eating on time can cause fatigue and lack of focus. To alert you of hunger, your body gives you hunger pangs. Physically, this sensation is associated with stomach muscles. The muscles in the stomach walls contract when the body needs fuel and these are called hunger pangs.

Hunger pangs are severe in younger individuals while in older people, they are not as severe. However, older individuals feel weakness when they are hungry.

Summary of Difference Between Hunger and Appetite:

  • The Difference between Hunger and Appetite is that appetite can be controlled while hunger cannot be controlled.
  • Hunger is a physical sensation that takes place in the body while appetite is your desire to eat.
  • Another difference between Hunger and Appetite is that appetite is your desire while hunger is a necessity or need.
  • When losing weight, you have to control your appetite while satisfying hunger.

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