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Difference Between eBay and Amazon Explained

Nowadays, you can get everything online. Whether you want to stream Live TV or buy a wedding dress for yourself, you can do it all online. For online shopping, there are plenty of big websites such as Amazon and eBay. The major difference between eBay and Amazon is that eBay started as an auction house while Amazon has fixed price selling.

Amazon is actually a retail outlet where you can find everything from fashion items or household necessities and the prices are fixed for every product. On the other hand, eBay just facilitates sale between buyers and sellers through its platform.

eBay: History and Business Growth.

eBay is a wholesaler and sellers on this website sell their products at lower prices as compared to Amazon. There is more control for the seller on this website as they can choose whether they want auction-style selling or fixed price. You can create your own product descriptions. There are a lot of categories on eBay that you can buy from.

You can buy electronics, cars, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, clothing, coupons, décor items and so much more from the website. When you are selling your goods on eBay, the website charges you for the whole month. There is a monthly rate that you have to pay.

It is cheaper to sell things on eBay if you are an individual since the first few listings are free for every month. For sellers who want to ensure instant cash flow, eBay is the right platform since you get the money as soon as you sell something.

Amazon: History and Business Growth.

Amazon acts as a retail site where you can sell your products for a fixed price. There is no fee for signing up and just buying. However, sellers have to pay a percentage of their sale to the website. Just like eBay, there are many categories on this website where you can buy things from. On Amazon, you can read reviews before buying any product.

Along with that, Amazon also has other services like Alexa which is a home assistant for making your life much easier. Another service offered by Amazon is Amazon Prime which is a streaming service. You can watch TV shows on this service by paying a subscription fee.

Amazon has various shipping options and if you have Amazon Prime subscription, you get quick shipping for free. You can find anything on Amazon from old clothes to gardening tools.

Summary of the Difference Between eBay and Amazon:

  • The difference between eBay and Amazon is that Amazon is a retail site where things are a fixed price.
  • On the other hand, sellers on eBay can decide whether they want to auction their things or sell them at a fixed rate.
  • Another difference between eBay and Amazon is that Amazon has over 237 million active users while eBay only has 70 million users.
  • The billing and payment method for both websites is also different.
  • A Difference between eBay and Amazon is that Amazon also has other services while eBay is just an eCommerce site.

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