Difference Between Manager and Director Explained

At any company, there are different positions on which people are working. Everyone working on a position has different duties and responsibilities. Some are superior to others on the basis of their title, job description, and qualification. Manager and director are two important positions at a company. In some companies, the manager and director are the same.

However, there are some differences. Difference between Manager and Director is that director is chosen by the shareholders of the company in a meeting while the manager is an employee at the company who knows about the management of a company and has expertise in the field. They both have different responsibilities.

Manager: Rank and Job.

A manager is a paid employee in the company who has managerial education background and expertise so he or she is responsible for managing the company. The manager can be a general manager or a specific manager such as customer relationship manager or sales manager.

Similarly, there can be an HR manager and accounts manager. Their job is to manage the department that they are assigned. They are responsible for keeping a check on the people working in that department.

He or she needs to manage the resources and employees of the company and then give the report to the heads of the company. Some responsibilities of a manager include hiring and firing staff, training the new recruits, monitoring the expenses of any company, checking if the required tasks are being performed properly, planning and organizing duties for everyone, examining the periodical performance of employees and looking after the day to day work in the company.

Director: Rank and Job.

A director can also be an employee of the company but he or she is choosing or appointed by the shareholders of the company. He or she looks after the activities that take place in the company. It is the responsibility of a director to make sure that the company is following the mission statement.

Since the director is at a high post, he or she can form contracts with third parties or represent the company on big forums. Sometimes, the director may also hold a share of the company. Another Difference between Manager and Director is a director is superior to the manager.

Director can tell the manager what to do and the manager would have to report to the director of the company. In this way, a hierarchy is formed and the employees work in unison.

Summary of Difference Between Manager and Director:

  • A Difference between Manager and Director is that the director gives intrinsic leadership while a manger would tell employees what to do, on daily basis.
  • While the director is on the top tier of management, manager is on the lower position.
  • Manager is responsible for management of the company while the director is responsible for administrative work in the organization.
  • A Difference between Manager and Director is that the role of director is decisive which that of a manager is executive.
  • A director forms plans for the commonly and the manager helps to implement those plans in the company through employees.

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