Difference Between Policy and Law Explained

To maintain order in society and to keep society civilized, there have to be laws and policies. They both have their own impact and benefit for society. The Difference between Policy and Law is that a policy is set in place to achieve something for the society while laws are made for implementing justice in a place.

Courts get involved and even the process of making both of these are different. Sometimes, these terms are interrelated but both these things are made in different circumstances and for different reasons.

Law: How it is made?

Law refers to the rules that are made and reinforced by governments to ensure peace and good behavior in society. The individuals living in that community will adhere to the laws and if they break it, they will face a penalty. Laws are made for shaping history, economy, society, and politics. There are two major areas of law-making: criminal law and civil law.

Criminal law refers to the rules that are made to maintain order in society, related to crime. Under these laws, the party that is guilty of harming anyone else in the society or causing havoc is fined or sent to prison. Civil law, on the other hand, deals with the disputes that take place between organizations or individuals.

Humans have been making laws for thousands of years. Egyptian Law was comprised of 12 books in which different aspects of society were mentioned. There is no universal law related to anything since different countries have different laws on their land.

Policy: How it is made?

The policy is a system of principles that are put in place by an individual or organization to make good decisions and get better outcomes. A policy can be put in place by anyone, from a government sector organization to an individual. For example, corporate companies have their own policies that the employees have to follow. Policies can also lead to the formation of new laws by the governments.

A Difference between Policy and Law is that laws are made for maintaining justice in society while policies are made to achieve a certain goal. The policies made in any institute have the aim of creating a comfortable working environment in the institute and getting outcomes, according to the mission statement of the organization. These documents can also be made by an individual and most of the times, courts are not involved.

Summary of Difference Between Policy and Law:

  • A Difference between Policy and Law is that law is made for maintaining Justice in the society while policies are made by organizations and individuals for achieving certain results.
  • Also, laws involve courts as to when the laws are broken, the matter is resolved in court.
  • On the other hand, courts are no involved in the implementation of policies.
  • Another Difference between Policy and Law is that laws are more formal and they are written in law books and constitution while policies are recorded in documents that are not so formal.
  • By studying policies, new laws can be put in place.

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